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Searching for a top-rated, quality-focused painting company in Franklin that is available to take on the work?

We’re a locally owned painting company. We serve Franklin area homeowners and commercial property owners.

We genuinely appreciate the clients we work with. Our clients are also friends, neighbors, and members of the community. Consequently, it is in our best interests to provide them with the greatest service possible to get the best results.

We understand that our company can only be successful if our clientele are more than happy with the end result. That’s why, with every job, we consistently give superb customer service and superior results.

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Our interior home painting service is available for any area of the house that are in need of some additional attention. We can assist even if you ‘d like to paint an only a few rooms or the entire home.

exterior painters


Instantly boost the curb appeal of your property. We can paint wood, stucco vinyl or aluminum siding. Need your deck stained or painted? Let us give you a quote on your project.

power washing deck


Possibly, all your house needs is a good and detailed power wash rather than a fresh coat of paint. Call us for a power wash of decks, patios, siding, roofs, driveways, and other surfaces.



We’ve painted commercial properties like restaurants and retail shops, offices, apartment buildings, medical buildings and warehouses. Get in touch for a free quote.

Franklin Village House Painting Services

Franklin’s home designs are eclectic, ranging from Victorian, Craftsman, and Colonial Revival to post-war designs and ultra-modern houses. The interesting combination of bungalows, Mission Revival, Arts and Crafts, and modern styles of homes constructed specifically for Metro Detroit families demonstrates our way of doing things.
Home painting in Detroit, for both residential exteriors and interiors, is a somewhat of a problem due to the mix of styles. There are also climatic issues to consider because Michigan weather can be unpredictable. Detroit Painting & Remodeling Pros are experienced and knowledgeable in helping property owners plan and arrange the suitable painting approach to tackle these problems.

Residential Interior House Painters Near Me in Franklin


Having a house painter apply a fresh coat of paint is the simplest and most cost effective way to transform the look and feel of the interior of your home. Whether or not you need your entire home painted or just want to update the look of your living room with this year’s PPG paint color of the year, Paintzen interior house painting services can handle all of your painting needs..

Our expert house painting professionals have years of experience painting all types of interior spaces such as homes, apartments, condos, commercial spaces. Simply tell us a little about your house painting project and we get you a free estimate super fast.

Our Interior House Painting Process

  1. Pick a Paint Color: Choosing a paint color, for most home owners is commonly the most fun part of the house painting process.
  2. Prepare the space: We don’t want dust or paint to accumulate in areas where they do not belong. Our home painters start by covering the flooring and furnishings in the area to be painted using drop cloths and plastic.
  3. Preparation of the Walls: A smooth wall surface is required for optimum paint adhesion. Our painters will prepare the walls which may include drywall work, filling nail holes and sanding. Some projects may require additional prep work.
  4. Painting: Next, our expert house painters will start the painting process.
    Clean-Up: We will clean up after ourselves after all the work is done.

    The Different Types of Interior Spaces and Surfaces We Paint

    • Wall painting is the most common surface we paint. However, there are several surfaces that call for more finesse than we realize: wainscoting, doors, trim and crown molding, and cabinets. After that, depending on the rooms you choose to paint, you’ll want to pick finishes that are appropriate for those spaces.
    • Bathrooms and Kitchens.
    • Foyers and Hallways.
    • Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Offices.
    • Basements and Garages.
    • Doors and Windows.
    • Wainscoting, Baseboard, Trim & Crown Moulding.

    Residential Exterior House Painters Near Me in Franklin

    Our professional team has handled just about everything over the years, and we know the ideal painting strategies for all types of materials, fixtures, architectural designs, and more. Our exterior-based services include the following:.


    • Vinyl and Aluminum Painting
    • Brick  and Stone Painting
    • Wood Painting
    • Fascia/Eavestrough Painting
    • Stucco Painting
    • Patios and Decks.
    • Doors and Window Painting
    • Garages
    • Railings and Fence Staining
    • Carpentry.
    • Power washing
      And much more!

    Exterior House Painting Steps


    1. Initial Setup– We’ll start by power cleaning all of the external surfaces that will be painted to get rid of debris such as sand, mildew, grime, and other contaminants. Hand scraping will also be done to remove any loose or flaking paint. We’ll ask residents to remove any exterior art, plants, and other items from the area, as well as turn off their sprinklers!.
    2. Priming– We’ll always use a premium primer to prepare your home to make sure that the paint job lasts a long time.
    3. Painting – Our experienced painters will apply the paint that was chosen by you and enhance the exterior of your house!
    4. Clean-up– Our team members will clean up after themselves every day (as well as at the end of the project), packing away items, clearing garbage, and removing unattractive paint chips. You won’t be able to know we were there at all.
    5. Final Inspection– Once everything is finished, we’ll inspect our work to ensure you’re pleased with the final results. We wish to go above and beyond your expectations!

    Top 7 Benefits of Painting The Exterior of Your House in Frankin

    1. Increases curb appeal‍

    Painting your home’s entire exterior is the best way to completely upgrade its façade. It will give a drastic change to your curb appeal. Painting the front door and even your garage door can greatly enhance curb appeal. Brightly coloured front entry doors are trending right now and can add a vibrant and welcoming touch to your home’s style. 

    To further enhance the curb appeal of your home you should consider painting or staining your fence, shutters and the trim.


    2. Protects your property from harsh climatic condition

    The climate in West Bloomfield can be harsh. Exterior painting protects your property from the sun, rain, wind, sleet, and snow. It acts as a protective shield to your property and prevents it from damages. A quality paint job can help your siding and trim last longer.

    Dirt, mildew, and other debris on your siding or trim shouldn’t be ignored. Painting helps seal wood against varying weather and elements while preventing rot.


    3. Prevents damage from insects and termites

    The climate in West Bloomfield can be harsh. Exterior painting protects your property from the sun, rain, wind, sleet, and snow. It acts as a protective shield to your property and prevents it from damages. A quality paint job can help your siding and trim last longer.

    Dirt, mildew, and other debris on your siding or trim shouldn’t be ignored. Painting helps seal wood against varying weather and elements while preventing rot.


    4. Increased lifespan of siding‍

    A new coat of exterior paint increases the lifespan of your property’s siding. Generally,  vinyl siding can last up to 50 years. However, everyday wear and tear can cut down its lifespan. Painting vinyl siding can increase its lifetime.

    No matter what type of siding you have for your home, a new coat of exterior paint can help increase its lifespan. Most traditional forms of siding, such as wood or vinyl, should be replaced periodically to keep your home protected. 

    If you don’t want to forego the extra expense of replacing your siding, a new paint job can add even a few years onto the lifespan. This would result in significant savings. In addition, new paint can help you cover up or temporarily repair damage that your old siding has sustained.


    5. Boost your property value‍

    The short answer is yes. There are several sources to cite here. In 2019 HomeLight surveyed 900 real estate agents. They estimated that painting the exterior of your house resulted in a 51% ROI. Consumer Reports estimates that painting the exterior can raise its property value by 2% if painting doors and trim and as much as 5% if you paint the entire exterior. Zillow looked at photos of 135,000 of old houses across the nation to see how paint colors impact sales. Homes with black, smoky or charcoal doors sold for almost $6,300.

    6. Repair damage

    In addition to solving problems, a decent coat of paint will help you identify larger issues to your home’s exterior that you might not have already noticed. Working to repaint your home can reveal an array of small flaws ranging from mold, mildew, and water stains to rotting wood caused by weakened paint.

    7. Make your house stand out.

    The best way to ensure your home makes a lasting impression is to keep the outside looking sharp. A quality exterior paint job is the most important step to creating an overall curb appeal.



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