Detroit MI Deck Staining, Painting and Repair Services

picture of man staining deckAre you looking to give your deck a facelift but are not sure if painting or staining will give you the best results? If you are looking for a high-quality deck painting company in Detroit MI? If yes, then continue reading.

A typical Detroit deck is subject to severe weather. Over time, the elements can wreak havoc on your deck’s surface, which can result in rot, mold, and mildew. Warped boards and nail pops are a common sight.

Detroit Deck Painting vs Deck Staining

For most people, choosing between stain or paint comes down to taste. However, other factors such as durability should be considered prior to deciding which way you’re going to go. Paint is thicker and more durable, while stain must be reapplied more frequently. Paint offers more options than stain.

Detroit Deck Staining Services

deck stainingAs a general rule, wood deck stain is made to be applied to unfinished or bare wood surfaces. Despite adding some color, it also lets the wood grain show through. Deck stains come in a variety of opacities; some are barely noticeable while others are almost completely opaque.

Stains are a great option if you prefer the appearance of your natural wood. A wood stain can enhance the warm, rich shine of your deck and produce a lovely, welcoming atmosphere for your outside space. Applying a stain protects natural wood because it seeps into the grain of the wood and seals it off from moisture and rot.

Nevertheless, deck staining is the recommended choice if the deck is close to the ground or is situated in an area with poor air circulation and humidity, particularly if it has experienced issues with mold or mildew. A stain penetrates the wood grain but does not entirely coat the surface as paint does. The paint totally covers the wood. Paint is more likely to blister and peel when moisture is a constant factor. A stain and sealer mixture that penetrates the wood will provide internal protection.

Types of Deck Stains

Solid Stains: These stains cover the majority of the wood’s natural features and grains, adding a dark, rich covering to the wood that is comparable to paint in appearance.
Stains that are semi-transparent nevertheless allow the wood’s distinctive patterns and natural patterns to come through while including some color. These shield the wood from UV rays and keep it waterproof.
Clear wood preserves are ideal for a lovely wood deck where you want the wood’s original color and grains to stand out. Most of these stains contain a fungicide to guard against mildew and mold, and some of them feature UV damage protection.
The decision to stain your deck can be a great one. But just like painting, there are considerations to make before choosing.

Wood Stain is Not Long-Lasting: With heavy use, a stained deck might need to be repainted every two years. There are stain options, though, that last for around three to five years.
Certain types of wood don’t take stains well: It is crucial to understand the sort of wood you have and how a stain will adhere to it before deciding whether to paint or stain. It could be preferable to choose an oil-based stain or apply a clear wood preservative if your deck is made of solid wood.

Deck Painters in Detroit MI

picture of man painting deckPaint entirely hides the wood grain and performs a better job of hiding flaws. As a result, paint works well for decks when a few boards have been replaced and it is clear that the new and old boards are different. A fresh coat of paint will cover up the discrepancies and give the deck a unified, modern appearance.

Paint entirely hides the wood grain and performs a better job of hiding flaws. As a result, paint works well for decks when a few boards have been replaced and it is clear that the new and old boards are different. A fresh coat of paint will cover up the discrepancies and give the deck a unified, modern appearance.

If you want something durable and comparatively little maintenance, painting is a fantastic choice. Painting services from Dallas’ Painter1 can last for years to come! If your deck is getting a little worn out, paint is another option. A fresh coat of paint can assist to cover unattractive defects and give everything a clean, polished appearance. Choose from one of two main types of color for your deck:

Oil-Based Paint: For those who intend to use their deck frequently, oil-based paints are usually strong and able to endure normal wear and tear. They provide a flawless finish by shielding the wood from moisture and sticking firmly to surfaces.

Latex Paint: Due to its ability to shield wood from UV fading, latex paints are typically the best choice for locations with high temperatures and prolonged sun exposure. Additionally, they dry quickly, generate less smell, and are resistant to cracking and chipping.

There are a few factors to take into account before making a decision regarding paint for your deck, while it can be a great alternative.

When it rains, water can pool, which will naturally cause the wood to expand, paint can trap moisture in the wood. The paint will start to flake and chip over time as the deck swells and shrinks in response to the weather.

Because paint is permanent, painting your deck may make later staining more difficult. Although you can always add another coat of paint, it takes a lot of effort and money to go back to the wood’s original state.

Detroit MI Deck Staining, Painting, and Repair Services

  • power washing and power cleaning
  • Painting and staining
  • Sealing
  • repairing


Deck Staining & Painting Q&A:

Q: Do you offer deck repair services in Detroit MI?

A: We offer limited repairs on decks, such as securing existing boards or replacing damaged boards. We don’t work on wobbly decks or fix structural issues. Such services are beyond our scope of expertise.

Q: Will you power wash hardwood decks prior to staining or painting?

A: In most cases, power washing and deck staining go hand in hand unless there is a specific reason to avoid doing so. We will evaluate if a power wash should be avoided. However, as a general rule, most deck staining professionals prefer to power wash hardwood decks.

Detroit Deck Staining Company

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